New Step Podiatry offers a range of services for the whole family

Children's Podiatry

There are many paediatric conditions that a podiatrist can assess and manage to keep your child active and healthy

Foot & ankle pain management

Don’t put up with foot and ankle aches and pains, we offer a range of services to reduce your pain and get you moving better

Skin & toenails treatment

Podiatric general footcare can resolve all those uncomfortable skin and toenail conditions such as corns, calluses and thickened toenails

Orthotic therapy

The clinic offers a range of soft and hard over-the-counter, pre-fabricated, heat mouldable and prescription foot orthoses

Diabetes foot care

A foot risk assessment is recommended to those with diabetes to establish their risk of foot complications

Ingrown toenails solutions

We offer safe and effective alternatives to surgery for ingrown toenails such as bracing to improve the overall shape of the toenail